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Mayhem Brawler Is Taking To The Sky

A good brawler is the kind of co-op fun that’s hard to beat. We don’t want you to excuse the pun there either. In fact, you should embrace it. Invite the pun into your home, start chatting with it. Hell, if you really hit it off maybe even marry the pun and have a wonderful loving family full of tiny little puns running around, all of which are very much intended. We’ve gone awry here, but the pun demands to be noticed.

Mayhem Brawler may look like just another beat ’em up, but in reality, it’s a little different to most. For starters, you’ll notice that the world is filled with fantasy. That means you’re just as likely to be beating up a human in a chef’s apron as you are to be throwing down against goblins. It adds a little bit of flair to the game that some others may lack. That’s not all though, Mayhem Brawler is also big on updates, and the latest one, titled Air Supremacy, is a free update that majorly changes combat.

Unsurprisingly, this update really focuses on battling enemies in the sky. We’re not talking about flying around in planes, but your ability to keep the combo going even after things have left the floor. That means brand-new air combos and air special attacks that’ll all feel great to use. It’s really cool to see a game like this get such a substantial update after release, and Mayhem Brawler was already a lot of fun anyway.