Warframe The New War Expansion Looks Incredible

It’s probably fair to say that Warframe, at this point, is one of the most impressive achievements in free-to-play gaming going. The sheer scale of the thing is astronomical, pun intended, and if you’re a new player just getting into the game, then you’ve got enough story ahead of you to last you until roughly April, assuming you play it for a couple of hours a night. Well, good news, there’s even more coming on December 15th, thanks to The New War.

The New War tells the tale of multiple characters throughout a single-player campaign, as they try and stop the Sentients, a self-replicating horde of drones that are threatening the entire universe. The expansion has you taking control of different characters from different peoples, and each of them brings their own unique abilities and perspectives to the game. We got lucky enough to see some of the expansion in action, and it’s fair to say that fans are going to be incredibly pleased with the gameplay.

The expansion also brings with it a new Warframe called Caliban, which is a fusion of Tenno and Sentient technology, and an absolute powerhouse with some incredibly cool abilities. One, which is our favourite, has them emitting three laser beams and then sweeping them together into a convergence to do huge damage. Seeing Warframe constantly evolve with new mechanics, new story-telling ideas, and doing all of it with such a beautiful sheen, is a joy. If you’ve been looking forwards to this, you’re going to love it. If you’re only just thinking about getting into Warframe, know that this expansion will be in your future once you’ve played through everything else.