You Should Look Into Mods

Modding is a huge part of PC gaming. It’s one of the things that genuinely separates the PC world from the console one, and the reason it’s so prevalent is that it’s so damn good. A mod can be as simple as a skin for your favourite character, or it can be as complex as completely changing the mechanics in a game to make it feel brand-new, or like something else entirely.

There are lots of cool games that started out as mods before launching a new career for those involved. It’s magnificent. However, it’s also kind of intimidating. The idea of modding your games is something that can feel daunting. You know you’re going to have to mess around with files you might not normally look at. It’s scary, sure, but it’s never as dangerous as it seems. This is especially true with the Steam Workshop, or even just mod managers like Vortex from Nexus Mods.

So, this isn’t an article dedicated to any specific game, but just to modding. Absolutely watch videos on how to do it. Maybe start small by just using tModLoader for Terraria or something. No matter how you begin, do try and look into the world of modding if you own a PC, because it’ll allow you to breathe new life into games you love but that haven’t quite held up. It could unleash an interest you’ve never indulged before. Ultimately, and this is probably the most important bit, it’s also just a lot of fun. So, thanks modders, you’re doing incredible work.