City of God I – Prison Empire comes out of Early Access

Manage your own private prison and survive the hazards of Crist City in this pixel art simulation game.

Indie developers at Pixel Gangsta Studio and Flying Interactive have announced today the end of the Early Access stage for their pixel art prison management simulation game, City of God I – Prision Empire. This title is available in its full form as of today on Steam and available on Humble Bundle Store, Green Man Gaming, Fanatical and GamersGate for $18.99, €15.99, £14.49.

City of God I – Prison Empire is a prison management simulation game that puts players as the new warden of a private-held prison, through which they’ll have to recruit the best and most skilled criminals in order to increase productivity and improve the prison’s facilities.

Above all of this, the game is set on a gangster filled environment, Crist City, which hides dangers and hazards all over the place that need to be taken care of an considered in order to make progression and be able to be a successful business man and warden.

City of God I - Prison Empire

In their latest press release, Pixel Gangsta Studio and Flying Interactive named some of this game’s features:

  • Build your prison freely and make prisoners work for you with maximum efficiency by providing all kinds of prison facilities.
  • Build different kinds of workshops to keep your prisoners working hard and earning money from the market.
  • Find skilled prisoners and produce goods.
  • Find the specially skilled prisoners from the government and police database, and make those people work for you in your prison.

Buying and selling prisoners and crafting an ideal team of mischiefs is just one of the many tasks that we’ll have to tackle, as walking around through Crist City will provide us with information and opportunities to grow and prevent disasters coming from the many gangs that inhabit it.

There’s a 40% discount price right now for anyone interested in buying City of God I – Prison Empire right now on Steam. It’s also available on platforms like Humble Bundle, Green Man Gaming, Fanatical and GamersGate. The game’s regular price is $18.99, €15.99, £14.49.