Philosophical shooter Deceiver announced

Deceiver reads you Wittgenstein whilst you fire bullets.

Explore a vast cyberpunk city using first-person parkour movement mechanics, reminiscent of Mirror’s Edge.  Fight with other online players for control of the city by finding and unlocking terminals, which allow you to deploy and control spider drones.

The world is about to end.  Those who can afford it have already abandoned the planet for an off-world colony. Will you scrounge together enough money to escape before disaster strikes?  It’s a zero-sum game between you and every other player. Steal their resources and defend your own.

The game features true 3D combat, with spider drones crawling on walls and ceilings and launching themselves at enemies. It sports a vector geometry art style inspired by the 1982 sci-fi film “Tron”, and powered by a custom engine. Everything is built from vectors, right down to the font.

Online multiplayer will allow up to 12 players, and Deceiver even allows up to four players playing split screen with full gamepad support.  The campaign mode will last for about four hours of gameplay, and will be fully voice acted.

You can register on the official Deceiver website to the play the demo now, but you’ll have quite a wait for the full version, as it’s not scheduled for release until May 2019, when it’ll be priced at $19.99 (no price info for other regions yet).

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