Paranoic survival We Happy Few delayed

Studio Compulsion Games explains why it’ll arrive in summer.

The paranoic first person survival game We Happy Few has been announced to be delayed until, at least, this summer. The studio that was also behind the puzzle platformer Contrast, Compulsion Games, published a Youtube video explaining the reasons behind this last minute decision.

“We need a bit more time than anticipated”, chief operating officer Sam Abbot started out accompanied by creative director, Guillaume Provost, from their studio based in Montreal. “A month ago we finished making all the content of the game and sat down and actually reviewed it, and made some decisions on production based on that review”, Provost added in a message especially directed to their Kickstarter supporters. 

“We felt that the first two hours of Arthur’s story didn’t match what it should be”, stated Abbot in regards of the main character in a story that seems to take a lot of inspiration in what George Orwell reflected with his dystopian novel 1984.

In We Happy Few the players will take the role of Arthur Hastings, who has suspiciously the same name as the faithful companion of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, in his intention of escaping from his life at a 1960’s British town, where being high on a drug called Joy is mandatory, and anyone who decides to be a “downer” will be chased by local authority and the common folk for basically being heretic.

Creators at Compulsion Games had stated that the idea of We Happy Few is to give players the chance of replaying the game with different approaches, such as stealth or confrontation, in each playthrough, adding to this notion the fact that the map is procedurally generated, giving it a new morphology every time.

“The first two hours feel like a completely different experience now. We are very happy with it, but it means that we need that extra time”, concluded Abbot in a video that ended with clips from new featured content.

We Happy Few is expected to hit PC and all major consoles at some point this summer.