Dead Cells

Dead Cells reanimated onto consoles

Fiendishly difficult action platformer announces migration to consoles.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells, created by Bordeaux based studio Motion Twin, has announced its migration onto Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year. The game mixes a variety of genres, from roguelite to so-called Metroidvania, but is essentially a platform action-adventure in which you battle your way through a castle collecting upgrades and money, but if you die before you reach the end of the level, you lose everything you have gained.

Dead Cells has been out on Steam in an early access version since last year, but the console release, scheduled for later this year, is intended to coincide with the full PC release. Players and reviewers have been loving the game’s high level of difficulty and the variety offered by its procedurally-generated levels and its vast array of weapon types. Because weapons and upgrades are randomly placed throughout the levels, each time you play you are forced to keep developing different combat styles, and the threat of semi-permanent death means that combat feels high-stakes and dangerous.

“Kill, die, learn, repeat.”

Motion Twin are a small but well-established indie studio. Founded in 2001, they previously specialised in free mobile games and have over 15 million registered users. Dead Cells, inspired by Dark Souls (as the name hints), will be their first paid console game. If you can’t wait until the full release later this year, then you can always grab the early access version now on Steam, and be sure to check out Burx, another upcoming platformer which we covered earlier this month on Indie Game Website.