Deep Sky Derelicts delayed: here’s why

Snowhound’s tactical scavenging game won’t be out until May.

Deep Sky Derelicts

Developers from indie studio Snowhound reached out to the Steam community hours ago in regards to their much awaited scavenging tactical card combat game, Deep Sky Derelicts, and informed of a delay from four to five weeks in its development, making the official release date sometime in May.

According to an update posted by Snowhound’s team on the popular gaming platform, feedback received from players since the Early Access version was released back in 2017 has made them consider some changes in the game, as they explained:

“We are working hard to deliver the experience that matches your expectations for Deep Sky Derelicts. Our goal is to get you the best gameplay quality that we possibly can and at the same time, we are trying to listen to the comments and feedback we receive from the community. Based on that, we’ve decided to make quality and content a priority over timeline.”

Moreover, Snowhound also commented on the “Illustrious Monuments” update, which will be available at the end of February. “We’re hoping that once you see the improvements which are taking us the extra time, you will agree with our decision”, the studio added.

In detail, the team listed what features players should expect on the update coming next month, including:

– 3 new character levels (character level capped at 7)
– 5 specialization options for characters, 1 from each skill type
– 7+ very rare Illustrious mods
– 8 new extension mods
– 5-6 additional room conditions that can affect both exploration and combat gameplay
– Energy management changes along with a brand-new Research lab
– 5 more derelicts (9 per playthrough in total)
– Progression from tier 1 to tier 2 ships
– 10 new enemies
– New main and side missions (each derelict has at least 1 of both)
– Updated Arena with revised encounters (max 20)

To dive into general information about Deep Sky Derelicts, readers can visit our Early Access preview.