Halflight gets playable demo on Steam

Horror puzzler sends players to a nightmarish cartoon world.

Halflight is a horror adventure game made by indie studio MatchB from Taiwan.  Players follow in the steps of the young boy Xi-sheng as he strays into an extraordinary phantom world – guiding him as he seeks to save his best playmate and brother Mu-Sheng, and at the time, save himself.  Using 3D environments powered by Unreal Engine 4, enter into a cartoonish world of nostalgic Taiwanese life from decades ago.

Gameplay in Halflight takes the form of puzzles which are intricately designed into the environment, creating a rich world and requiring logic and imagination to solve.  You’ll also be confronted and surprised be a variety of enemies.  There’s no combat or battling in Halflight, however, instead you’ll need to rely on your wits and items that you’ve collected to avoid enemy attacks.

There’s plenty of rich lore and background to the world of limbo in the game.  You’ll delve into this through discovering notes and filling your journal with details of how the world came to be as the boundaries between what is real and what is fantasy become increasingly slim.


The game can be played in three languages, English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, with the interface being optional between all three.  The voice acting is only in either Simplified or Traditional Chinese however, but there are of course English subtitles.

The four man developer MatchB say of the game’s Taiwanese origin:

This is our first game, and we hope to bring a slice of Taiwan culture to all the players. We hope you can find something familiar inside, whether it’s a small item that resounds with you, or a long-lost memory.
While there’s no information on a release date for the game, other than that it’s coming soon, you can now play a demo of Halflight on Steam.  Despite not being released yet, Halflight has already won several awards, including Best Indie Game in the 2018 Digital Content Awards.  Looks like this is a game that’s going to be worth keeping an eye on.