Orbit Satellite Defense

Orbit Satellite Defense enters Steam Early Access

Snipe aliens with Satellites in this fast-paced real-time strategy.

In Orbit: Satellite Defense, you must protect your planet from alien invaders by re-positioning Satellites and manually dictating their targets.  Solar Satellites help you collect energy which you can use to launch new Satellites or unleash Planetary Powers.

The game currently features four Campaign Planets with five levels each, as well as an Endless Mode and a Challenge Mode. Additional content will be added weekly until the game’s planned 1.0 release by April 2018.  The full version includes the fifth campaign planet adding five levels, bonus objectives in levels, and new modes: Challenge and Endless, adding new unique twists and survival challenges.

When asked about the decision to launch in Early Access, developer Bluish-Green Productions said:

“Orbit: Satellite Defense has several features and Campaign levels which are finished and ready to enjoy!  Releasing the game now allows me to shape the remaining development effort to best suit players.  The Community will get to vote on Upcoming Additions! Due to the modular nature of Orbit: Satellite Defense, any feature can be added at any time.  The Community will be able to vote which Addition gets the highest priority, and submit feedback and suggestions for which brand-new features they wish to see added to the game.”

Orbit: Satellite Defense is now available on Steam for £2.89 / €3.99 / $3.99.  It’s worth noting that Bluish-Green Productions stated that as the game is 80% complete, this price reflects about 80% of the full price once fully launched.