Recreational Dreaming

Recreational Dreaming hits Early Access today

It’s Portland based VR specialized Eyedrop studio’s first release.

Indie VR focused studio Eyedrop announced today that its walking simulator Recreational Dreaming just hit Early Access on Steam. The games’ focus stands in reflecting on “the happier parts of the subconscious mind” as players dive into a scavenging and otherworldly experience with flashy colours and a “chill” vibe.

“We’re a two-person team and over the last year we’ve put a ton of work into developing this; we want to get the finished (and mostly finished) parts out there to see if there’s really a market for a simple game in some chill dreamlands”, expressed the developers through their Steam page upon their Early Access debut.

A giant TV falling from the sky, a room of gems that each seems to glow with a shared inner light, and big fishes being dopes are some of the definitions that this Portland based indie studio used to describe their proposal as a VR experimenting team.

Recreational Dreaming

The game takes pride in its fantastic and seemingly delusionary aspect, a lot of which can be justified by the fact that its main setting is a dreamland easily produced by anyone’s subconscious.

“Our first decision when we sat down for the initial brainstorm was that the game should be joyful without being pulse-pounding or menacing,” explained experience designer at Eyedrop,  Donald Dunbar. “VR is so exciting already I have to be in a very certain mood to want to go experience missiles being shot at my head. We wanted to make a game that anyone could plug into, whether they were getting home from the office, about to go to sleep, or just waking up”, he added.

Recreational Dreaming is out now in its Early Access version and can be picked up for $5.99. No other regions’ prices available yet.