Wulverblade available now on PC and consoles

This 2D classic beat ‘em up was originally launched only for Nintendo Switch.

The critically acclaimed barbaric 2D beat ‘em up Wulverblade has just left its Nintendo Switch exclusive state to join all major consoles and PC. Developed by studios Darkwind Media (Republique and Skylanders) and Fully Illustrated, this co-op brawler offers an experience filled with action and arcade-style gameplay.

Based on real historical events, Wulverblade takes us to the Roman threat of invasion on north Britannia as we choose between three barbaric characters to fiercely push them back and defend the remaining settlements. Caradoc, Brennus and Guinevere are members of the proud northern tribe of the Caledonii and will use their sharp blades and unquenchable willpower to stand their ground.

The game promises a solid 60 FPS frame rate, beautiful cinematic artwork and an immersive sountrack provided by creators that previously worked on The Dark Knight Rises and Wrath of the Titans.


“Playing side-scrolling brawlers with friends and family was a quasi-religious experience – and it defined my love for games during the ‘80s and early ‘90s,” described co-founder of Darkwind Media and lead programmer on Wulverblade, Brian Johnstone. “With Wulverblade, we’re introducing a whole new generation to the pain and joy of dismemberments, decapitations, and the occasional geyser of arterial blood”, he said in their latest press release.

The founder of Fully Illustrated and creative director on Wulverblade, Michael Heald, added the following:

“Wulverblade contains enough historical facts and raw combat to feel like the real thing – and it even features drone videos shot in the actual locations.”

“Sure, it’s stylized – but the fighting was that brutal and soldiers in the 9th Legion deserved to get their butts kicked by the Caledonii. I dare say that playing Wulverblade has therapeutic value – and you’ll even learn a thing or two about Britannia’s gruesome past”, he explained in remembrance of his gaming childhood.

Wulverblade is out now for Steam, PS4, XboxOne and its original platform, Nintendo Switch for $14.99. Other regions’ prices not yet available.