Hacktag coming to Steam soon

Avoid panda guards and make coffee in new stealth game.

Set in 2029 in a parallel world populated by cute, anthropomorphic animals, Hacktag is a fast-paced two-player co-op stealth-game with asymmetric gameplay.  One player is an Agent in the field while the other is a virtually-infiltrated Hacker.  Hired as mercenaries by competing corporations, the two players work together to carry out espionage missions via online or local co-op—or in solo mode, one player switches between the two roles.

In Hacktag, the Agent moves physically through a corporate building level while the Hacker moves alongside electronically via network nodes. While the Agent avoids physical guards, the Hacker avoids anti-virus software moving through the network, with both players seeking to hack computers to steal the data required for mission success. While some tasks can be accomplished by either player, many tasks require the cooperation of both—for instance, opening a locked door requires the Hacker to electronically unlock it while the Agent physically opens it.

Hacktag 1

So said Marine Lemaitre Freland, Co-Founder and CEO of Piece of Cake Studios:

“We’ve been working night and day to get Hacktag ready to bring co-op stealth to PC players who like to play together.  Feedback from our community has been tremendous and we’ve added new modes and features to make the game even more fun while keeping its subversive nature front and center.”

Since the first release of Hacktag on Steam Early Access, the game has received mostly positive reviews from the community, and won several awards.  From Indiecare Europe 2016, the game won the audience choice award, and the “a game to play award” from Lyon in 2016.

From the 14th of February, you’ll be able to pick up the full version of Hacktag on Steam, usually priced at €19.99 / $19.99 (no price info for the UK yet), however there’ll be a 25% discount for launch week.