Hunt Showdown

Hunt Showdown makes its way to Early Access

The first person bounty hunter arrives onto Early Access!

Crytek, developer behind famous franchises such as the Crysis series, have announced that their new competitive multiplayer game Hunt Showdown is now available on Steam Early Access. For those who don’t know, Hunt Showdown is a competitive first person bounty hunting game, mixing both the PvE and PvP elements of objective based clue hunting and takedowns, while also having the tensions of up to four other teams of two also hunting for the same objective. All five teams scramble to track down monstrous targets but once defeated, the team who takes them down will receive a bounty and instantly becomes a target for every other hunter left on the map. For those who succeed however and deliver their loot to the carriage they can use their newly found money and experience to kit out their selection of hunters for the next showdown.

With the announcement of Hunter Showdown coming to Early Access, here is what Creative Director Magnus Larbrant had to say about the launch.

“Early access is a big milestone for the team, and we are all excited to finally be releasing Hunt Showdown out into the wild. With Hunt, we wanted to make the game that we, as gamers, have always wanted to play ourselves: tense, dark, addictive, terrifying—a real adrenaline-pumping experience. We have the foundations laid out, and now with the support and input of the community during early access, we can polish that experience together.”

If you are interested in checking out the game while it is in Early Access, you can pick it up right now on the Hunt Showdown Steam page for $29.99 / £ 25.99 / € 29.99.