Bacon Man

Bacon Man sizzles onto Steam today

The food based adventure offers plenty of sweet puns.

This hardcore platformer will challenge you to the biggest food fight you’ve ever encountered. Play as Bacon Man and fry enemies with his classic Toaster Gun, or try out Feta and cut them up like sashimi. Seek wisdom from the Sau-sage. Pummel enemies to a pulp in the Colocheeseum. Use the power of friendship to tackle all 25 levels in couch co-op mode, with or without friendly fire.

Neal Laurenza, Managing Director at Skymap Games pinpoints what their team loves about fan experiences: “Bacon Man is a brutal game. When we see players yelling in joy from getting a checkpoint, that makes it for us.”

After five years of development the Skymap Games crew are eager to launch their first home cooked game into the wild. As a studio-for-hire, Skymap Games are used to helping other devs bring their titles to life, such as ZED (by Chuck Carter of MYST fame) and recent psychological thriller Perception (Bill Gardner of BioShock Infinite).

There is, perhaps surprisingly, a story behind Bacon Man: Old King Roast Beef has been brutally murdered, and his obviously innocent grandson Bacon Man has been framed by the Food Kings. With the weight of the world resting on his shoulders, take on the role of Bacon Man, battle through the food groups, and confront those who condemned you. It’s up to you to clear his name, by murdering those who put him behind bars.

Bacon Man is available now on Steam for £14.99. A digital deluxe edition is also available for £21.07, which include the original soundtrack. Mac, Linux and Xbox One versions will also be available at a later date.