Maelstrom anchoring onto Steam Early Access soon

Fast paced navel fighter throws anchor onto Steam next month.

Grim fantasy combined with thunderous naval combat in a vibrant, monster-saturated world. Maelstrom is a third-person strategy game with a focus on multiplayer, fast-paced action, ship-vs-ship tactical combat, in-depth customisation and progression.

Every player in Maelstrom commands their own customized warship with a handpicked captain, crew and equipment offering a range of special advantages. From fast Orc raiders focused on ramming and boarding to mighty Human battleships decked out with cannons and armor for a long ranged brawl, there are extensive choices to be made even before a ship hits the water.

With wind in the sails it’s a battle to the depths, where the last ship sailing claims victory and a wealth of upgrades. Mind the cannon’s firing angles, keep the ships strongest armor towards the enemy, and avoid (or utilize) the numerous dangers of the sea; especially the enormous leviathans lurking the waters.

Maelstrom is now on Kickstarter with a campaign goal of £7,225, of which £653 has already been raised. A contribution of about £11 will reward backers with a digital copy of the game once it enters Steam Early Access in early April this year.