Coffee Crisis

Retro Style Coffee Crisis out on PC now

Mega Cat Studios released its arcade-style heavy metal brawler. 

Indie developers at Mega Cat Studios launched today the PC version for their retro style arcade brawler, Coffee Crisis, available previously for Sega Genesis as a part of their efforts to bring back classic consoles back to life. Yes, they sale cartridges.

Coffee Crisis is a classic arcade brawler that supports couch multiplayer and features an alien invasion story, where two heavy-metal lover coffee baristas are humanity’s las chance of survival. These two rockers will beat the hell out of those invaders while listening to some death metal.

The game also features a Twitch & Mixer integration that allows for streamers to get their viewers participating in an active way while they’re live. As Mega Cat Studios put it, this unique aspect will let fans “help the streamer, hurt the streamer, or just make each stream more Metal.”

Coffee Crisis

In Coffee Crisis this alien race, called the “Smurglians”, have invaded the Earth with the purpose of stealing three key resources for our existance: coffee, heavy metal and Wi-Fi. Nick and Ashley, two baristas at a local coffee shop, will be in charge of spreading some metal on those invaders while rocking their heads. They both have their unique abilities, special moves and slick-looking punches for the win.

As Mega Cat Studios put it, these are the game’s main features:

  • Ten Levels of Smurglian Smashing Goodness
  • An authentic retro-styled experience originally released on the Sega Genesis
  • Gorgeous hand-drawn sprites and environments
  • Local co-op to fight aliens with friends
  • Twitch & Mixer Integration
  • Available on Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Coming soon to PC, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

Coffee Crisis is out now on Steam and any arcade nostalgic should at least give it a shot.