Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come Deliverance devs release DLC roadmap

Warhorse Studios announce four DLC expansions

Kingom Come roadmap

Warhorse Studios have unveiled a DLC road-map for Kingdom Come Deliverance showcasing their plans to release four expansions by 2019.

The plan also includes a free hardcore and tournament mode as well as the addition of modding support alongside the story expansions. The road-map does not include any specific dates, but the first expansion, From The Ashes, is due to be revealed at E3 and should release some time later in the Summer. Very little is currently known about the three other DLCs, The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon, Band of Bastards, and A Woman’s Lot.

The free hardcore mode update will release alongside the From the Ashes DLC as well as the making of documentary later in the year. The last story expansion, A Woman’s Lot, will release at the start of next year, alongside the widely requested modding support. A Woman’s Lot will be free for early crowdfunding supporters.

It seems Warhorse Studios have plenty planned for their ambitious story-driven open-world RPG with good mix of free updates and paid story expansions. It’s safe to assume we’ll find out some more details on the expansions and their future plans for the game at E3 next month.