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New Star Soccer Manager coming to mobile

Football is coming to your phone.

Has the World Cup got you thinking about football all the time? Do you see football when you close your eyes? Do you fall asleep chanting ‘It’s coming home’? If you’ve answered yes to all the above then New Star Soccer Manager might be the game for you.

Independent publisher-developer, New Star Games, have announced New Star Soccer Manager today. From the BAFTA winning Simon Read, creative genius behind New Star Soccer, this new title shares the DNA of the original. You can get it on iOS and Android later this summer.

New Star Soccer Manager is a total football management simulation offering fans a unique mix of management and arcade action. Players can not only look forward to the day-to-day backroom management duties at New Star FC, like buying and selling players, making deals with sponsors, meeting with the board, upgrading the club infrastructure and managing finances, but also trying to keep their players happy as well as taking full control of the team on the pitch! Unique arcade controls allow gamers to string together passing moves, make runs, take shots, penalties, free-kicks, make tackles and much, much more!

New Star Soccer Manager will be available for iOS and Android this summer.