Retro inspired Robbotto out this month

Join two intrepid robots as they defend their space cruiser!

JMJ Interactive, developers behind their retro inspired co-op adventure Robbotto, have announced that it will be making its debut on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on August 16th, 2018! Join Robb and Otto, two intrepid maintenance robots, as they must travel through a malfunctioning space cruiser in an effort to shutdown the machines rampaging through the ship! Grab a seat on the couch and pass a controller to your friends, or take on an exciting solo campaign — enjoy a couple of hours of retro arcade fun. Some of the key features the game is set to include are:


  • Classic Retro Gameplay
  • 100 Levels
  • 20 Different Enemies
  • 10 Massive Bosses
  • Single Player or Local Co-op


A gigantic space freighter was slowly gliding through the vastness of the cosmos, when suddenly disaster struck! The ship flew straight through a magnetic storm, causing all the robots and machines on-board to go crazy. Luckily, Robb and Otto, the ships top maintenance robots were putting out a fire in the ships generator room, and didn’t get affect by the storm. Now the two unlikely heroes must travel through the ship and disable all the malfunctioning machines.

If you are interested in getting in on some great retro inspired fun, be sure to head over to the Nintendo eShop or Robbotto Steam page where you can find the game for $9.99. At time of writing, no other regions have confirmed pricing.