Absolver free to play all weekend on Steam

Martial arts combat game Absolver gets free Steam weekend.


If you’re a fan of a good martial arts melee, you’ll want to free up your diary for the next day or two and head across to Steam. Why? Because awesome multiplayer combat game Absolver is free to play for the whole of this weekend. So grab your weapon, or stick to hand-to-hand, and get ready to design and deliver some devastating combos.

The Absolvers of the game’s title are an elite corps of warriors created by the Guides, the new rulers of a harsh but beautiful realm reeling from the collapse of the Adal Empire. But if you want to become an Absolver, you first have to pass a gruelling test: to begin with you are merely a Prospect, a potential member of the warrior guild, and your goal is to wander the dangerous landscape, full of other Prospects like yourself as well as Absolvers, making allies and defeating enemies in order to prove yourself worthy of Absolver status.

Absolver is not simply a Tekken-style 1v1 combat game – there’s also a roleplay element, as your masked character must traverse the beautifully crafted world to move between battle arenas, as well as ruins where you can find rare loot. You will find yourself meeting potential allies, as well as battling both 1v1 and co-op with other players. As the game progresses, you can customise your appearanc, equip your own weapons, choose a combat style and arrange attacks in your combat deck to create a unique play style.

The game, which was released a year ago, is brought to you by French studio Sloclap, who have reportedly been active in implementing fixes and suggestions from the user community. The free weekend will last until August 6th 10AM Pacific Time, so don’t delay, head over to Steam right now and get playing! And if you enjoy Absolver enough to buy it, it’s on a -50% reduction until 10th of August.