Exorder to launch on Nintendo Switch

Get fantasy.

With a nice little Steam price drop to match it, Exorder, the fantasy turn-based tactical RPG will march it’s way to Nintendo Switch this month after already seeing success on Steam. From publishers Fat Dog Games and developers Solid9 Studio, the game will be released for the console on 27th of September at the price of $12.99 USD/€12.99.
In Exorder, players learn the ropes in a quick single-player campaign by fighting to defend Cerulean, a humble kingdom threatened by a not-so-humble Prince Tristan. After saving the day, prepare to challenge a single foe online in quick match or queue in for a heated battle of up to four players in a custom game. Exorder has both online and local multiplayer options to throw down with friends far away or on the couch. Crossplay allows Nintendo Switch and PC owners to wage war against each other.
The game boasts intense skirmishes with more than 10 battle units. Each unit features distinct and quirky skills with different model and stat variants to choose from. Combat is easy to pick up, but the game’s multiplayer skirmishes demand a master to climb the ranks in global leaderboards. Charge into battle as Princess Beyla, and defend that crown!
This is a bright, colorful adventure with cheerful music and a delightful cast of characters that drive Cerulean’s fantastical, all-ages tale. The sights and sounds of this troubled kingdom will no doubt charm your socks off. “This is a love song to the classic games in the turn-based tactics genre,” said Darek Skrzypkowski, CEO, Fat Dog Games. “Exorder is a brilliant and welcoming tribute to that scene with its vibrant colors, quirky humor and intuitive mechanics made even better when played with friends.”
Exorder is currently available on Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam for $12.99 USD and supports English with subtitles available in Polish. The game will be available digitally for Nintendo Switch for $12.99.