BLACKHOLE launches free to play event

The puzzle platformer gets a free event and 75% discount until the 18th of September.

BLACKHOLE is a hardcore puzzle platformer that revolves around rotating the gravity and avoiding deadly traps. You, the coffee guy, will find yourself inside a black hole after the crash of your spaceship due to strange circumstances. Find your crewmates, fix the spaceship and reveal the dark mystery behind the mission while accompanied by a sarcastic artificial intelligence.

Developer FiolaSoft Studio said:

“During this week we are going to run a special season of Challenge Vault, our game mode that can now also be played for free! In this mode, players can play a new level every day and compete with each other by trying to finish it as fast as possible. To join the event, all you have to do is to get the BLACKHOLE demo version on Steam for free and start playing Challenge Vault. The existing owners of full version can also join, no matter whether they are playing on PC, Mac or Linux. Xbox and PS4 players can still experience the original Challenge Vault.”

BLACKHOLE features:

  • Over 120 uniquely designed levels in 6 various environments
    The levels can be rotated and contain multiple collectibles, so each level offers several challenges. Explore colorful worlds ranging from deep caverns to a vibrant jungle.
  • A fully voiced sci-fi comedy
    Some of the English voice actors also appeared in Dust: An Elysian Tail, while the Czech version was voiced by famous Czech and Slovak Youtubers – the game characters are actually based on them!
  • Challenge Vault
    Challenge Vault offers a new level each week with global leaderboards. Players can choose to share their replays with others.
  • Captivating soundtrack
    Melodies range from beautiful to mysterious, and you’ll get to hear tribal and ethnic instruments as well as modern electronic synths.


The full version of Blackhole is available on Steam with a 75% discount running until the 18th of September, priced at £1.49 / $2.24 / €2.24.