From books to games – Majula Frontier announced for Steam

New strategy RPG from the Ellen’s friends book series coming this month.

Created by game developer and author Matthew Satterlee, Ellen’s Friends is a fantasy story that spans both books and video games. Beginning with the book titled Forlorn Dimension, and continuing into Majula Frontier, which is part 6 in the story, Ellen’s Friends tells the tale of a group of friends who are fighting to survive in a ruined world full of magic and monsters.

Matthew commented:

“This was a massive project. Nobody, not even the wealthy and powerful industry titans have created something like this before; an overarching story that encompasses both books and video games. The story begins with the books, which are a wild rollercoaster of action that not everyone survives, then it continues into Majula Frontier, where our heroes are forced to come out of retirement to once again save the world. As the sky over Majula turns black and monsters return to the world, our friends have to find the source of the decay and the monsters and put a stop to it before Majula is destroyed. This is an adventure that you won’t soon forget.”

According to Matthew, the game features turn-based combat, which players of older RPGs will remember well. But unlike those older games, combat in Majula Frontier is fast, dynamic, and challenging without being too punishing. There are a total of 20 characters to unlock and 16 main bosses to defeat. A single playthrough of Majula Frontier can easily last over 30 hours.

The music for Majula Frontier was created by Dale North of Scarlet Moon Productions. Renowned composer for video games, arranger, singer and songwriter, North’s music can be found on OverClocked Remix, YouTube,, iTunes, Loudr and other locations around the web.

Majula Frontier is launching on Steam on the 19th of September. The sound track for the game will also be available seperately.