Vanguard: Fight for Rudiarius is a cross-platform multiplayer space shooter

DevClever’s title will be playable at EGX this week.

A new space shooter is being unveiled today at EGX, the UK’s biggest games expo, which opens in Birmingham today.

Vanguard: Fight for Rudiarius is a cross-platform VR multiplayer space shooter, set in a world in which the Roman Empire never fell. Now in a space-faring far future, players can battle each other in dramatic dogfights – playing on either PC or mobile, and in VR or not.

The game will launch in the coming months into a completely free open beta phase, and those who sign up early will be given direct input into the future of Vanguard. Those players will be given the opportunity to not only play early builds, but also gain access to exclusive content, and have a meaningful ongoing conversation with members of the development team, helping them to improve and expand on the game. Players can sign up via the Vanguard website.

Says Chris Jeffries of developers DevClever:

At DevClever, we’ve built our reputation on developing innovative and creative experiences for our clients, but I’ve always had a vision to create our own game. Vanguard is our first step into the competitive gaming scene, and a personal passion of mine.

It’s an ambitious project, but also a chance to show the creative ability of our development team to the gaming community. What I really want is to get the gaming community involved in the production and help us to make the game the best it can be!

Vanguard is due out later next year, but its open beta phase will start in the coming months.

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