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Shortest Trip to Earth journeys into Early Access

This roguelike has got itself a date.

The date is finally set for a game that has been five years in the making. Today, publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Interactive Fate have announced that their award-winning roguelike spaceship simulator Shortest Trip to Earth will release on October 9, through Steam’s Early Access program. The game has received plenty of attention already, so we’re expecting this game to be one to watch.

In Shortest Trip to Earth, players will embark on a perilous journey through a procedurally generated universe and explore massive space sectors crawling with exotic lifeforms. At launch, gamers will be able to travel through an initial five sectors, to be expanded upon during Early Access.

Master the art of survival by customising your ship with modular components and perks. Choose from a range of spaceships and manage life within your vessel – from crew, pets(!) and drones to ship modules and weapons. Shape your journey through hundreds of multiple-choice events, featuring unique hand-drawn illustrations. Shortest Trip to Earth features unforgiving permadeath, but you can unlock perks to increase the odds of survival on your next run, thank god.

Wishlist Shortest Trip to Earth on Steam now to be notified when the game releases into early access. We’re sure it’s going to be quite the spacey ride.