Kickstarter still ‘massively valuable’ for indies, says Aquamarine dev

Moebial Studios’ Aquamarine has joined the ranks of indie games on Kickstarter.

Within the indie game community Kickstarter has become synonymous with interesting and inventive games, but even so, it has its sceptics. Despite speculation that Kickstarter may be increasingly less viable for indie devs, Patric Fallon of moebial studios said earlier this week that it remains ‘massively valuable’ ‘for certain kinds of projects’. Moebial studios are currently developing Aquamarine, who’s Kickstarter page has been making waves across social media.

Fallon told The Indie Game Website in interview that he did not see Kickstarter as a ‘necessary’ step for indie development, but its ability to build a community was still an incredibly valuable attribute: ”Because my studio is a bunch of newcomers to the game industry (most of us have a background in music, writing, or photography)” Fallon said, ”we need to start from square one in terms of community building and support structures.”

He went on to explain that Aquamarine is ”very much a labor of love right now, and one that can’t happen if other people don’t believe in our vision and help us make it a reality. It’s extremely difficult to break through the noise in the world of indie games () you have to really put yourself out there in as many different ways as possible”

Kickstarter’s remains a positive and sometimes lucrative platform for indie game development, but it is certainly not the be all and end all. Fallon explained that Aquamarine may look for publishers later down the line, but for now Kickstarter is how their looking to get off the ground or, into the sea.

It will be interesting to see if the amount of Kickstarter success stories does begin to slow, but for now we will continue to keep an eye on the games making their way through the funding platform. Moebial studios think that Kickstarter ‘might put [them] on track to make something special’, and with 8 days left to go, we’re certainly hopeful that that will be the case.

Check out Aquamarine’s Kickstarter page to find out more.