Eternal comes to Xbox One

A card game with unlimited possibilities.

Dire Wolf Digital, the creators by the strategy card game Eternal, have announced that the game will be coming to Xbox One this November. Previously released on iOS, Android and Steam, Eternal is a truly free-to-play, fully cross-platform strategy card game with deep tabletop roots. Set in a world of six-guns and sorcery. Eternal combines rich tactical depth with fast-paced action and polished, where players freely mix cards to build any deck imaginable. Every card in the game can be acquired for free, and only non-gameplay cosmetic items like Avatars and Totems require cash to purchase.

Scott Martins, President of Dire Wolf Digital, recently had this to say about the upcoming launch of the Xbox One version of the game and also how the game is going to progress moving forward.

“The core team at DWD has been involved in numerous digital card games over the years. Hopefully Eternal reflects a lot of the lessons learned during that time in terms of economic generosity, variety of game modes, and depth of play. Coming to Xbox One and beginning our World Championship series is a big part of the next step for us and our goals for what Eternal can become: cross-platform, competitive strategy gaming where anyone can participate on a fair, honestly free playing field.”

At time of writing, no particular release date has be given, but hopefully more information will be released shortly.