Reality Falls getting exclusive alpha demo next week

New trailer launched for the story driven point-and-click adventure.

From our very own Lewis Denby, the co-creator of Richard & Alice comes Reality Falls, a brand new story-driven adventure. Join Adrian Watts on the journey of a lifetime, as his round-the-world trip takes him to this unlikely destination. Meet its strange set of inhabitants, discover the town’s fascinating history, and unravel the surreal and unsettling tale that begins to unfold.

The game is set in a dusty, dilapidated town on the former Soviet steppe, where Europe bleeds into Asia. People first settled here hundreds of years ago, but only a few remain. Reality Falls sounds like the adventurer’s dream: a destination off the beaten track, home to a collection of oddballs and misfits, all yearning for something different. But something strange lurks within the curiously named Reality Falls.

Lewis spoke about Adrian’s journey through Reality Falls:

“It’s an unusual place, filled with oddballs and misfits, and as soon as he arrives there’s clearly something not quite right. There’s allegedly only one train leaving the station each month, a woman named Annabelle has gone missing, and there’s some sort of conflict brewing between two people who consider themselves the town’s leader. The story follows Adrian as he finds himself caught up in the town’s weird politics and possibly something a little more supernatural but you’ll have to wait and see!”

To sign up for the free demo, which is due to release next week, sign up at the official Reality Falls website. You can also wishlist Reality Falls on Steam now.