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Soundfall screams past crowdfunding goal

Explore countless dungeons almost entirely generated by music.

Soundfall is an audio-driven dungeon crawler that’s procedurally generated to music, melding the charm of classic adventure games with the intensity of twin-stick shooters. The gametakes the synthesis of music and video games to daring new heights.

In Soundfall, players begin their musical adventure as Melody, a talented young audiophile mysteriously transported to Symphonia, a world where music comes to life. Melody must friend endearing allies and wield legendary weapons against a horde of adversaries in a race to halt the return of an unfathomable darkness, Discord. Music drives every aspect of the game.

Every song is different, and in Soundfall every dungeon is as well. Each song (and its audio analysis) is like a unique seed that Soundfall uses to generate the dungeons you explore. Using the audio data collected, Soundfall creates a dungeon replete with creatures, terrors, and treasure. Time your actions to the beat of the music to super-charge their effects as you dash, blast, and slash your way through a world forged by sound.

“With Fig, we can offer our community the unique opportunity to participate financially along with publishers and angel investors.” said Julian Trutmann, Co-founder of Drastic Games. Justin Bailey, CEO and founder of added: “Drastic’s community-focused ethos has made them a great developer to work with. They really understand what Fig is for.

With just under 30 days left, Soundfall on Fig has already achieved $61,200 out of a goal of $55,000.