Someday You’ll Return coming to PC in 2019

Czech out this story-drive horror tale.

Dark and beautiful psychological horror game, Someday You’ll Return will be coming to PC in 2019, and in the lead up, CBE Software have released some new screenshots to show off their creation. In this game, CBE Software invites you into a journey that will test your willpower and courage, while you’ll be forcing your way through the unexpected in the story of Someday You’ll Return.

It all takes place in the beautiful scenic areas of the Czech Republic. CBE Software has tried to capture as closely as possible the atmosphere of Bohemian nature. The team places well-known landmarks into a virtual map, which are discoverable by players and which the team personally visited many times in their life. Anyone can grab their backpack and hike there. The game also includes QR codes that can be scanned with the phone to reveal a point on the real-life map. Pretty groovy.

Someday You'll Return

You play as the character Daniel, Stela’s father, the girl that wont stop running away. In the forest he will encounter peculiar people who will help him understand the true reason why Stela keeps leaving. Someday You’ll Return deals with intimate concepts of fatherhood, fears, lies and refusal to accept one’s past. While the story keeps players on their toes with strong horror elements.

Someday You’ll Return will be out on PC sometime in 2019. PS4 and Xbox One releases are also planned. More of the intricate features of the game will get revealed in the following months. Stay tuned!