Roguelike shooter Woodpunk out today

Take on hordes of enemies in this retro arcade mayhem!

Spanish indie developers at Meteorbyte Studios, alongside publishers from Libredia Entertainment GmbH, announced today the release for PC of the new roguelike pixel shooter Woodpunk. Console versions are coming right up during the first quarter of 2019.

Woodpunk follows the story of a medieval inventor called Aquinas, who came up with a brilliant idea: a robot that creates weapons. Surely he has something to do with that massive firepower! Tons and tons of quirky enemies from this parallel “Woodpunk” universe. With procedurally generated weapons, a fully destroyable environment and fast-paced combat, Woodpunk packs a lot of classic arcade shooter mechanics for both nostalgic and newcomers of this genre.


Join Aquinas and his trusted robot friend Theo in this hillarious shooting adventure filled with destruction and mayhem. While Aquinas fights hordes of enemies, Theo supplies him with new weapons constantly and deploys defensive and offensive assets. While Theo is controlled by an AI, it can also be used as a Player 2 in Woodpunk’s local co-op mode.

Woodpunk includes the following features:

  • Fast-paced, action-packed rogue like gameplay in 60 FPS
  • Wide arsenal of over 1400 procedurally generated weapons
  • Battle massive waves of enemies at a time, along with powerful bosses!
  • Persistent, fully destroyable environments that can alter gameplay
  • Play coop with a friend in local multiplayer

Woodpunk can be purchased today from its Steam page for around USD $5.99 and a release discount tag with a 10% off.