Space puzzler Solar Flux coming to Switch soon

Critically acclaimed space puzzle game launches next month.

In Solar Flux, players take on the role of a ship tasked with reigniting the cores of stars on the brink of burning out. They accomplish this task by collecting balls of plasma and firing them into the dying stars. However, the natural dangers of space present hazards to the player as they wind between asteroids, black holes, and the still-blazing stars themselves as the ship works toward their monumental goal.

Simple to play but with immense depth, Solar Flux aims to capture “a combination of traditional puzzle mechanics, coupled with the serene beauty and unknown that are everywhere outside of our world,” says Creative Director Alex Knight and truly succeeds at it. 80 missions that take place across four different galaxies are in the game, each with the amount of polish you would expect from a developer located right at the heart of the United States’ space program, Cape Canaveral.

The teaser trailer for the game showcases the player’s vessel as it works toward its mission by collecting the plasma orbs and sending them to the stars. The ship winds between asteroids and other hazards in breathtaking deep-space vistas while a soothing, contemplative soundtrack keeps them focused on their monumental task.

Solar Flux will be launching on the 11th of December on the Switch. If you can’t wait that long, you can pick up Solar Flux on Steam, where it originally launched back in 2013, for £6.99 / $9.99 / €8.99.