Gone Home

Gone Home is coming to iOS

The critically-acclaimed indie hit is going mobile.

As of 11th December this year developers, Fullbright Company have announced you’ll be able to play their critically-acclaimed walking simulator, Gone Home while actually walking around. In all fairness, ‘walking simulator’ is an ineffective term to describe the award-winning exploration game that was applauded for its complex narrative.

On 7th June 1995, you arrive home to an empty house after spending a year abroad. Expecting your family to be there on arrival you’re presented with a mystery of sorts. Where is everyone? And what’s happened here? Exploring the seemingly normal house in a bid to unravel the story of the people who lived there and the lives they left behind you’re thrust into a personal story uncertainty, heartache, and change.

Gone Home has received plenty of praise over the years since its release, even winning the Bafta for Best Debut Game at the 2014 awards. It has since released on pretty much every platform available, including Nintendo Switch earlier this year, so mobile seems like the next logical step. An Android version has yet to be confirmed.

Gone Home will be coming to iOS devices on 11 December 2018.