Oakwood released for PC on Steam

Survival horror plus dinosaurs. 

Breaking Dimensions, in collaboration with Polygon Dust, have announced that their first-person horror survival game, Oakwood, is now available on Steam. The developers bring a mix of AAA and indie experience, having worked on a variety of titles, including Slender: The Arrival and Valley.

In Oakwood, players are thrown into an intense, single-player flight for survival from the horrors haunting an abandoned campground in the forests of British Columbia. Arriving late to the abandoned Oakwood campground, you find the remains of your friends’ campsite violently disrupted. Exploring the forest and the dilapidated lodge, you soon realize that prehistoric creatures, thought to be extinct, now hunt the grounds. You’ll have to hold your breathe if you’re hoping to escape what lurks within the forest.

You will have to search with just a flashlight for your missing friends. As you explore, you will uncover clues about the violent events that unfolded the evening before. Dash through forests, hide in the shadows or outsmart the prehistoric creatures – it’s up to you to survive.

Oakwood is now available for PC on Steam, visit its page to find out more.