Innovative detective game Unheard announced

Solving a crime without your sight is unheard of. 


Chinese indie developers at NEXT Studios announced today the upcoming release of Unheard, an innovative detective story in which players will solely rely on their hearing in order to solve its mysteries. NEXT has already made our news section today for their release of their hack-and-slash title Bladed Fury.

In Unheard we’ll take the role of a detective that has the ability of traveling back in time in order to solve crimes, but in exchange he’s been stripped off his sight. This way, Unheard is a completely immersive experience where players will have to pay special attention to sound in order to hear conversations and search for clues.

With a non-linear approach on its storytelling, Unheard forces players to understand the relationship between the game’s characters, get to know their motivations and, this way, solve crimes. WIth some great sound design and voice acting, Unheard is a fresh take on the mystery genre.




Visually, the game shows players with an outline of each crime’s environment, represented usually by a building’s blueprint, and marks the position from where different voices and sounds can be heard. This way, players will place suspects and victims in place and time, with the advantage of being able to go back and listen to everything again.

“We set out to create a unique gameplay experience that not only has players to listen to the conversations in the game but also forces players to really embody a detective using logic, reasoning and deductive power to solve the crimes. It’s a true tribute to the radio dramas of old”, said Nick Zhang, creative director at NEXT Studios.

With some mechanics that resemble titles like The Sexy Brutale, Unheard takes one step further and plans to release a truly innovative experience, set for the first quarter of 2019. Unheard’s Steam page is live today for wish list adding.