frostpunk 2

Dickensian update coming for Frostpunk

A Christmas Carol-themed free update goes live

No genre gets left behind when it comes to the holidays. Even in the neverending winter of the 19th century. And what better way for Frostpunk to celebrate the season by having a free Charles Dickens-inspired update called A Christmas Carol.

As the leader of the last remaining human population, your subjects have asked you to add a little festive spirit into the encampment. So that’s what you need to do. With morale playing such a big part in 11 Bit Studio’s wintery survival game, you need to get this done to boost it up! As with everything in Frostpunk, this new set of missions will also lead you to a moral dilemma. Not only is there a new mission in this update but there is also be a new Christmas-themed building to put in place.

The new update, which is only available in Endless mode, also comes with some bug fixes and minor improvements to existing content.

Last month saw the games biggest free update since its launch in April. The content included a new Endless Mode allowing you to just keep going and going. In addition, new maps, new decorations and new game mechanics in the form of Archives were added.

Frostpunk is only available on PC and can be found, for £24.99 on Steam, on sale at and in physical form from Amazon.