Dusk sells nearly 70,000 units just a month after launching

The throwback horror-themed shooter has been wildly popular since exiting Early Access.

Everyone loves a throwback, and Dusk is a particularly excellent one. The horror-tinged shooter has sold nearly 70,000 copies since it debuted as a Steam exclusive PC title last month.

Producer Dave Oshry shared the milestone with his followers on Twitter, noting the exact figure of 69,420 units sold. It turns out that Dusk nabbed 8,000 pre-orders and sold 22,000 copies during its period in Steam’s Early Access program. When it finally released in December 2018, it then sold an additional 40,000 units.

Oshry notes that the game’s success can be owed in part to the recent Steam Winter Sale, and the fact that the game had a 15 percent off discount during its launch. The game managed to sell around 1,100 copies a day during the sale and around 200 to 400 day at full price since the sale concluded. Players have continued to wishlist the game as well, with 105,000 Steam users adding it to their lists before launch, and now hovering around 180,000.

Dusk is a nonstop ballet of bloodshed inspired by classic shooters like Doom, Blood, Heretic, Redneck Rampage, and other awesome ’90s titles. It features three different campaign episodes, various weapons like sickles, crossbows, rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, and plenty of other armaments to totally obliterate the enemies.

It’s currently available for purchase now if you’re jonesing for some fantastically orchestrated retro-flavored gameplay that just doesn’t let up. It looks like it’s only got one way to go from here, and that is up.