Katana Zero brings stylish swordplay to Steam this March

This 2D platformer channels Hotline Miami with neon samurai. 

Devolver Digital announced it’s publishing Askiisoft’s Katana Zero on Wednesday, a neon-soaked 2D action platformer that has a lot to offer.

The game, which lightly resembled a 2D version of Hotline Miami, is an intriguing mixture of stylish design and punishing gameplay. You play as a skilled samurai, as shown in the glossy game trailer, flitting through the night and slicing open his enemies with the greatest of ease.

Armed with a sword that cuts through humans like a knife through butter, your samurai is tasked with clearing out each area with the might of a bolt of lightning, and dazzles twice as brightly. There’s only one problem: if you get hit once, you die. Luckily, you’ve got bullet deflection skills, time manipulation, and ways to slow thing down and try them again. If you combined the upcoming My Friend Pedro with the theatrics and style of Hotline Miami, you’d have a pretty good idea of what to expect from this cool new indie slasher.

Katana Zero is touching down this March, available via Steam. The neo-noir thriller features hand-crafted action sequences, an intriguing story, and plenty of ways to brutally slay the competition. Just make sure you’re tough enough to take on the enemies in your way.

We’ll update you more as we hear additional news about this very cool-looking platformer. More details should be on the way soon.