Octodad is a ‘dadly’ catch at 99 cents on Steam

Dad or octopus? Why not both?

Octodad: Dadliest Catch may well be one of the funniest games to come out of developer Young Horses’ stable (get it?) and it’s also on sale for just 99 cents right now on Steam.

The game, if you’re unfamiliar, follows an octopus masquerading as a human who goes about his daily life with a wife and kids. It’s not easy for him to do anything, however, because he’s only got his tentacles with which he can perform simple, everyday tasks.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a sequel to the original Octodad and contains hilarious outings like a trip to the aquarium and grocery store, tasks like mowing the lawn and grilling, as well as some terrifying exploits that end up in some pretty scary situations for our poor Octodad.

The wacky physics game allows up to 4-player co-op, includes a level editor to create your own ridiculous levels, and mod support so you can dig in and make your own silly playgrounds. You can also use various control inputs: keyboard, Xbox 360, DualShock 4, mouse and keyboard, trackpad, and more. The whole point is that you’re going to be awkward, anyway.

You get all that for under a buck – so grab the game now, before it goes off sale. It’s definitely worth it for that price, especially if you’ve been missing out.