Battlerite Royale jumps into the ring next week

Battlerite fans have a free-to-play battle royale game to check out now. 

Fans of the MOBA Battlerite can look forward to a new battle royale spinoff next Tuesday, February 19, and you can have a peek at it up above with a new launch trailer.

Battlerite Royale’s free-to-play twist on the battle royale genre will take influences from its established arena brawler and will feature over 20 characters to choose from with various different abilities. The battle royale spinoff is even adding three new heroes to the mix: the boomerang-toting Taya, water bender Perl, and the goat like time manipulator Oldur.

You don’t have to pay a dime to play, so there’s plenty of room to test out which hero you play the best with, and it looks like there will be plenty of colorful surprises to explore as you work to find out who, exactly, your personal champion is. Looking at the trailer, it strongly resembles games like League of Legends at least in terms of aesthetic.

So you’ve probably seen games much like this before, but it looks like it’s worth giving a try on your way to nabbing the coveted victory, or the Champion Royale. There isn’t a lot loner to wit until you can try it out, either, since it’s hitting just next week.

You can check out the original Battlerite Royale listing here, as the game has previously been in Early Access, and jump in via Steam.