The Witness is free next month on the Epic Games Store

Witness your own breakdown with these tricky puzzles.

The Witness, a puzzle game that enthralled and infuriated players in equal measure back at its release in 2016, will be free on the Epic Games Store from the 4th of April to the 18th. If you can’t wait until then for your sweet, free indie release, Oxenfree is currently free on the store until April 4th.

The Witness transports players to a rather tricky island, inhabiting a character who doesn’t know who they are or how they got there. Don’t be swayed by its picturesque views, this is an island built to test your resolve, and it really is not going to hold your hand. The world is open, but that doesn’t mean you can explore at will; there are over 500 line-based puzzles to complete to get past doorways and explore new areas of the island.

The game is known for its extremely hard difficulty level, to the extent that it has even been compared to Dark Souls. While every game that has so far come out of Epic’s free releases has been fantastic, this might be one of the best ones to pick up, because who knows if this kind of puzzle difficulty will be for you. Go forth and be challenged, people!

To learn more about The Witness, have a look at their Steam page. The game will be available for free from the Epic Games Store from 4-18th of April.