VR Horror Roguelike The Persistence Is To Switch

You should really get that looked at

The Persistence is a PSVR horror game that has you playing as someone stuck aboard a doomed colony ship, one where the machines that clone people have become corrupt. As a result of this glitch, there are hundreds of unnatural and hideous mutants running around, all of whom want to kill you. You’re the only one left who can try and repair the ship to get home, but surviving to do so is going to be incredibly hard.

Now, given that the original release of the game is VR, you’ve probably already gathered that it won’t be in VR on Switch, nor will that be the case on Xbox One, as neither of those has VR capabilities. Yes, I know about the cardboard VR, but come on, that doesn’t count. It’s actually releasing as a standard game, not just on Xbox One and Switch, but on PC and PS4 too. That means it’ll be a whole new way to experience the game.

Also, if you already own the game on PSVR, you’ll get this new version of The Persistence for free, which is always nice. I don’t know if the game will be in VR on PC though. I imagine it will, which will be another good excuse to jump into this rather unique horror experience. After all, zombies may well be played out (though still good fun), but zombies in space is a whole different ball game. Anyway, you too can start having the fear sweats when The Persistence launches anew in the summer this year.