Revita Looks Like It’s Going To Be Incredible

I do a lot of research when I’m writing these articles. Hold the “really, I had no idea” comments and just trust me on this. Finding new indie games to write about is a joy, but it’s also kind of a struggle when there aren’t as many games coming out. That’s very much the case at the moment, but while looking for something to write about I came across a tweet talking about introducing a weapon from One Step From Eden into another indie game.  The game in question is called Revita, and now that I know about it, I want all of you to know about it too.

Revita is a twin-stick roguelite that hs you climbing up an ominous clock tower. As you go you’ll fight through different enemies and bosses to try and get your memory back. The thing that draws me to this, other than the word rogue anywhere near it, is the fact that the gameplay looks like it asks you to sacrifice something at all times. You can gain more power, but you need to give up health. Or, you can heal, but you might lose your attack power.

It’s the kind of loop that always hooks me in, and the art styles is really nice too. When you throw in the fact that there’s bound to be lots we don’t know about it yet, then I can fairly safely assume this’ll be a standout title for me next year. I kept thinking that 2021 was ages away, but it’s only like six weeks, so it could be out sooner than we (I) had thought.