You Should Play Bastion

Right then. I’ve written about Hades, Pyre, and Transistor, and as I’m coming close to the end of my time here as editor, I felt like I should really complete the Supergiant Games set and make sure I also advocated for Bastion as well. Bastion was the first game from the studio and came out all the way back in 2011, which many believe to be the best year of all-time. That’s probably not true, I don’t know what the best year was, I just know that this one and the last one suck.

Anyway, Bastion has you playing as The Kid, and you’re tasked with exploring a ruined world and trying to find out what’s happened. Bastion is an action-RPG that is stunning. As ever, the art style is worthy of its own murals, and the soundtrack is so good that I genuinely sing one of the songs to my daughter as her lullaby. That’s just the aesthetic stuff though, and Bastion is so much more than a pretty face/voice.

The thing that makes Bastion so good, at least in my mind, is the way that the story is told. The narrator reacts to the things you do, which means that the story unfolds as you discover new enemies, areas, and NPCs. It’s beautiful, and it makes the world feel genuinely alive. When you then throw in how wonderful it is to play, the excellent weapons, and the ending as well, you’ve got a game that really set the standard for Supergiant, and it’s one they’ve consistently beaten as they’ve gone along.