Ember Knights Could Be The Next Great Roguelite

The frustration of the roguelike and roguelite genre is easily offset if you’re sharing the experience with friends. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy co-op rogue games so much, because while they tend to still be difficult, they’re also excellent games to kill a bit of time in, and you often don’t need to devote more than an hour at a time to them. One of these that I’ve got my eye on is Ember Knights, which is a game that doesn’t currently have a release date.

Ember Knights has you trying to figure out why Praxis, Keeper of Reality, has decided to unleash destruction across the many worlds. It’s not an ideal situation, but given that the end of the worlds is probably on its way, the Ember Knights have been summoned. You, for the record, are one of these Ember Knights, legendary guardians who are tasked with keeping reality from, well, being destroyed. It’s not a small task, because it never is, but thanks to the vast array of powers you have, you just might manage it.

Along with upgrading your weapons and working together as a team, you can really push forwards by combining different relics to make for some incredible attacks. It sounds like a huge amount of fun, and while online multiplayer in games like this isn’t always perfect, it definitely has my attention. The art style is pretty cool too, and I do love a good hack and slash, so make sure to keep this on your radar.