Fast-paced brawler SpiderHeck is bringing multiplayer madness to all platforms

Swing, stab and shoot your way to victory in the free Steam demo!

Two spiders stand face to face, laser swords aglow as they consider their options. Do they go for the overhead web-swing and try to find an opening? Or should they throw their laser sword in a frenzied attempt for victory? A glimmer of gold sparks burst into play and suddenly a laser cannon appears. One spider lunges towards victory, while the other hurls their sword. And just like that it’s all over.

One more game?

Prepare to set logic aside and rely on instinct as you step into the bizarre SpiderHeck arena. This fast-paced brawler from publisher tinyBuild will definitely put new players through their paces, but rewards you with incredible movie-worthy parkour and spectacular “did you see that” moments. In the SpiderHeck arena no friendship is safe as you swing, stab and shoot your way to victory.

Developed by solo-dev Neverjam, SpiderHeck is an innovative new take on the brawler genre. Made popular by games like Stick Fight: The Game and Nidhogg, SpiderHeck is designed with humour and hilarity in mind,  with bizarre weapons and hilarious physics-based animations. Fight your way through 10 multicoloured maps, each more complex than the last, and use the environment to your advantage as you swing around platforms and duck behind objects. 

Just watch out for the lava! 

Where other brawlers may fall short, SpiderHeck also offers an extensive solo and co-op mode where players can challenge themselves by fighting wave after wave of vicious enemies. Level up perks are also awarded after each wave, adding a roguelike element to the game, meaning this is a tough one to put down after just one round! 

For developer Neverjam, SpiderHeck is just about having fun: “A lot of the development for SpiderHeck was very improvisational. I didn’t really set out with any other goal than just making something that is purely fun (several years of making boring software products probably had its effect on me). 

“Every stage of the process has just been the simple matter of, ‘Okay, what would be cool?” or, “Ooh, that would be funny, I’ll just do that.”  So in a way the game has evolved into a mixture of various things I enjoy.”

What really sets SpiderHeck apart from other party brawlers is the absurdity of it all. You’re not a human, you’re an 8-legged arachnid that can run up walls, catapult across the map, and even utilise telekinesis for a deadly boomerang attack. When just one hit means end game, every match ends up being a delicate dance around sword tips and well-placed grenades. This is where the tightly designed physics of SpiderHeck really shines through. With dynamic knockbacks and powerful explosions that can send your spider flying, matches become a series of goofy yet badass moments.

SpiderHeck is one of those games that can offer endless hours of fun when played with the right people, or even alone. With each game you’ll get better, learn new tricks and perform feats that you didn’t think were possible. Players can get their hands on a demo for SpiderHeck on the SpiderHeck Steam Page, available as part of the Steam Next Fest event. The final version of the game is expected to launch in 2022 and bring with it even more ridiculous weapons and dangerous enemies.