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Gunfire Reborn Tips And Tricks

With the official release of Gunfire Reborn finally here, enjoy some casually authoritative advice for newer players. There’s a lot of stuff to learn if you’ve never played the game before, but thankfully for you, we’ve got so many hours in it that we’re absolutely the right site to be giving you these Gunfire Reborn tips and tricks to get you started.

Gunfire Reborn tips and tricks

As we’ve mentioned, these are definitely more for newer players than anybody else, but there’s really never a bad time to read up on Gunfire Reborn tips and tricks to get the most out of your next run. After all, the game now has more difficulties than most games could ever dream of, and there’s a lot of added complexity due to the co-op focus it has at its core.

Don’t resurrect yourself

Death will come frequently and quickly if it’s your first time playing Gunfire. This is true even on the lower difficulty levels because you won’t have any of the inherent skills and buffs given through levelling. Whatever you do, don’t spend that hard-earned Soul Essence bringing yourself back into the fight. Instead, accept your untimely fate and go back to the main menu, spending what you accumulated so far to make your chosen character better. Don’t worry, other than their unique abilities, all points spent will apply to all your characters, so spend freely and often. It’s quick and easy to get back into the next run, so spend some time jamming against the first bosses to build your characters up. You can run Reincarnation mode when you are close to max level. Until then, enjoy working out the characters.

Use the occult scroll combos that work for your character

After you have gained a few levels and fancy yourself a reborn aficionado, try to go for synergies that work with the character you enjoy using. As a doggo main, Flesh and Blood (removing your shield and replacing it with HP) and Resolute (+50 move speed and 25% extra damage with no shield) are a solid mix of abilities that lend themselves very well to the character. Add in Fire Enthusiast and you are, as the french say, cooking with gas. Working out what character you enjoy the most is a big part of the gunfire experience, and when the synergies get going the game really starts to pop.

Trade with your squad

Gunfire can be played solo, but for max enjoyment, we recommend running the full four-person experience. Not only can you have different roles in the team via the different classes, you can also optimise your occult scrolls by trading them with each other. Not using shields? Trade that Gold Medal you have for something your buddy isn’t using. Better yet, give it to them for free then guilt them into picking up something better for you later. “Nothing tastes as good as guilting friends feels” as Joney Japlin once said.

Try different builds

It’s easy to get in a cycle thinking you have ‘broken’ your character once you have the flow of the game, and may lead you to restarting if you don’t get the best initial set-up. We say, always play it out. You may be surprised at what other areas your character can excel in when you have a focused build in one niche. Qing Yan (The Bird) can seem to be all in on their cleave effect which dominates in the later levels but, as with the other characters, not getting cleave focused perks isn’t the end of a good run. And if you have the Demonlore unlocked, your character’s abilities don’t really matter anyway. Grab the Advanced Depot and enjoy watching the numbers on your screen turn pink.

Be the dog

Woof woof, Bark bark, Boom BOOM. Need we say more? Are other characters better? Sure. But are they goodest boy though? No. And that’s all that matters. Show me a person who doesn’t want to be a dog, duel wielding explosive weaponry, and I will show you a liar.