super punchy face

Super Punchy Face Lets You Beat Up Your Landlord

We’re not really sure anyone is going to need convincing on this beyond the title here, but just in case you need to know more, let us elaborate. Super Punchy Face is a roguelite beat ’em up where you take control of Punchy, a young and incredibly idealistic martial artist. They’ve been training for years under their uncle Jaygo, and while that’s been fine up until now, the community centre that houses the dojo is under threat.

Deciding it’s better to do something than nothing, Punchy takes matters into their own hands and strikes out on a mission to save something important. This is where you come in. Your role is to take control of Punchy and help them beat the capitalism-loving thugs that are standing in your way. You’ll be beating up everything in your path using whatever objects you can get your hands on in what feels like a game deeply inspired by Jackie Chan’s style of violence in his films.

You’ll also get the chance to add new abilities to your arsenal in-between levels, to unlock things like sick backflips. It looks like a huge amount of fun, and the premise is certainly one that’ll attract a lot of interest as well. It’s recently entered into Early Access, and while that may put some people off, we’re expecting it to be another great example of why the roguelike genre works so well thanks to this model. So, keep your eyes on this one if you feel like throwing down.