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Hammerting Tips And Tricks

Hammerting is a dwarven mining colony sim that sees you digging through a huge map searching for resources to forge into weapons and tools for the armies waging war above ground to use. It’s a fun game, but the early knockings can be incredibly confusing since there’s a lot to manage. So, we’ve put together this list of Hammerting tips and tricks to help you mine your way to success.

Hammerting Tips and Tricks

These Hammerting tips and tricks are designed to help people starting out since the in-game tutorials aren’t that brilliant and don’t provide much direction. So you won’t find much detail here about constructing an intricate and efficient elevator system, all that comes much later. But if you’re struggling to find your footing, these tips will set you on the right path.

When in doubt, Granite

The very first thing you want to do in Hammerting is build a Small Quarry. From here, you’ll be able to create pillars, slabs, and blocks of Granite. It’s an incredibly important resource since it’s used to repair damaged buildings and refortify ally settlements that have taken too much damage from the enemy forces. In essence, it’s the building block off the game and, as such, you can never have too much Granite lying around as you begin your adventure. It’s an infinite resource, so don’t worry about running out. 

How to find lumber in Hammerting

Of all the precious materials—like silver and gold—you’ll find buried deep within the caverns, one of the hardest to come by is lumber, which makes sense. You don’t see many trees in caves, after all. However, Hammerting doesn’t do a great job explaining where you find wood, which is frustrating early on since it’s necessary for specific buildings, such as your Dwarves’ homes. The truth is, early on there’s not a reliable way to scavenge lumber. Instead, you will need to regularly check the merchant shops above ground to see if they have any in stock while rummaging through any broken minecarts you see as you explore the caves since they also hold a chance of dropping some lumber. Later on you will start to discover mushrooms that also provide the lumber, making it much easier to come by.

Pause for thought

Hammerting has different speed settings, allowing you to increase the pace of the action when your Dwarves are carrying out their work. However, it also boasts a pause button, which can actually make carrying out tasks easier. There’s a lot that can go wrong if you decide your next move while leaving the game running. For instance, slimes and rats may tear down your buildings while your concentration is elsewhere. But if you hit pause, you can take the time to scan the area and decide what you want your workers to do. You can issue multiple orders at once, and your miners will gradually get to all of them. That means once you unpause the game, you can react to any unexpected incidents quicker and avoid unfortunate accidents.

Knowledge is power

To unlock elevators, minecarts, arcane magics, and all that fun stuff, you will need Knowledge. It comes in two varieties— Mountain and Trade lore. The former is easy to obtain. Simply mine through the caverns, and you will gain plenty over time. Meanwhile, Trade lore is earned by buying and selling from the towns that appear in the overworld. Alternatively, it’s obtained by completing missions, which usually require you to deliver specific items to the settlements. You will want to focus on doing this as much as possible, so you can unlock a host of buildings to keep your Dwarves’ morale high and their bellies full whilst making your mining operation more efficient.

If you’re feeling lost, complete Cave Missions

Your ultimate goal in Hammerting is to provide equipment to your allies above ground until they win the war. Back underground though, that’s kind of vague, so it’s easy to start feeling a little lost. If that happens, you’ll want to complete the Cave Missions that appear in the top left-hand corner of the screen. They will provide you with something to work towards and yield a nice chunk of Mountain Lore when you complete them.